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⚠️ Heads up: Medium isn’t using this tool anymore, but you’re welcome to!

Read more about our current thinking around engineer growth.


Snowflake is Medium's tool for planning and supporting our engineers' career development. You can read more about how we use this tool in our growth framework documentation. Our growth tool is hosted publicly.

The Lannisters send their regards


You are free to use, change and build on this work to make it useful for your organisation. We will happily consider unencumbered code contributions to improve functionality, but as this is the actual tool we use within Medium, acceptance is likely to be intentional, and deliberate. Meaning, slow. As such, you may prefer to fork the codebase for your own needs. We will not accept any contributions that modify the text of the application (but, thank you in advance for pointing out any typos).


Get yarn if you don’t have it already:

npm install -g yarn

Install dependencies:


Running the dev server

yarn dev


yarn export

This will put a static version of the site in out/.

Future work

  • Load initial data from a file, to improve flexibility.
  • Add restricted job title selection and validation.


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